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First Love  48" x 30"

First Love 48" x 30"


First Love is painted entirely in 100% Coffee.  I love this tender moment between mother and child, reminiscent of moments I've experienced with my own children. Painting Afrian Elephants  in coffee, a beverage originally discovered in Africa,  is a fitting homage to both that have  similar, often heartbreaking histories. 

  • Size: 30" x 48" x 1.5"

    Gallery Wrapped Canvas

  • About Coffee Paintings

    Details About Coffee Paintings

    —Paintings are100% Coffee

    My coffee paintings are painted with 100% coffee on the image itself. The sides are painted with acrylics, as they are handled more frequently.

    —3 coats of varnish

    There are 3 coats of varnish on each painting. This should protect the art under most circumstances. Unfortunately, this means that the painting does not smell like coffee anymore!

    —Coffee Paintings should last for decades, if not longer.

    I reached out to some contemporary coffee painters that I know, and the consensus is that coffee paintings, properly protected, should last for decades, if not longer. There are coffee paintings by Thornton Dial at the MET in NYC that were done in the 1950’s. He painted with coffee, coffee with powdered creamer and cola. He used what he had access to. Karen Eland, an internationally known Oregon coffee painter, says she has paintings she did 25 years ago, and they still look exactly the same as they day she painted them. She uses the same varnish that I do. Check out her work here:

    —Care for it like any Fine Art

    Treat a coffee painting like any fine art. Keep it out of direct sunlight and areas with a lot of moisture - like a bathroom.

    —Inspiration from a Dallas artist

    Modesto Aceves is a Dallas artist who uses coffee in his art. I was inspired to try this medium when he spoke at The Art Club of McKinney and he ran a short workshop.

    --How long have you been painting with coffee?

    I started painting with coffee in 2018. In 2019, I created an exhibit called “Canines in Coffee”.   The exhibit included 12 original paintings of dogs in coffee ranging in size from 24 x 36 to 8 x 10. 


    You can see more of my coffee paintings on my website:



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